Wednesday, June 25, 2008

bishop apt.

so I scheduled an apt. with my bishop like 2 weeks ago for tonight at 8:30, when I showed up he was like 2 hours behind and I was like screw this... I waited for awhile and I read vansons last post and that made me really think... I left cause I had to go to the store and then I ate dinner and went back (I knew it would be a very long time before I felt like going again) and read "no more goodbyes" ( a very GOOD book but more on that later...) when I finally went into talk to him I was just tired and figured he was too I came out and told him I was gay and that I felt like I have a lack of confidence... well he is a very business type man and he is very rich, he said he would rather direct me to a professional that knows how to deal with it... has anybody heard of "dan gray" he has a book out about pornography through desert book but yeah the bishop said not to worry about it and he will take care of everything, well I figure what the hell... anyway then he tried to walk me through building confidence and I was like this is going nowhere, I guess my attitude is I'm pretty much done with the church, I'm not anti or anything but I'll see how this goes and yeah thats that... I am writing my post on carol lynn pearson book so heads up...?