Wednesday, June 25, 2008

bishop apt.

so I scheduled an apt. with my bishop like 2 weeks ago for tonight at 8:30, when I showed up he was like 2 hours behind and I was like screw this... I waited for awhile and I read vansons last post and that made me really think... I left cause I had to go to the store and then I ate dinner and went back (I knew it would be a very long time before I felt like going again) and read "no more goodbyes" ( a very GOOD book but more on that later...) when I finally went into talk to him I was just tired and figured he was too I came out and told him I was gay and that I felt like I have a lack of confidence... well he is a very business type man and he is very rich, he said he would rather direct me to a professional that knows how to deal with it... has anybody heard of "dan gray" he has a book out about pornography through desert book but yeah the bishop said not to worry about it and he will take care of everything, well I figure what the hell... anyway then he tried to walk me through building confidence and I was like this is going nowhere, I guess my attitude is I'm pretty much done with the church, I'm not anti or anything but I'll see how this goes and yeah thats that... I am writing my post on carol lynn pearson book so heads up...?


pinetree said...

Yeah, we're kinda in the same boat right now. I dunno if I'm completely done with the church, but if it just makes you feel like crap all the time regardless of what you do or don't do or try to do or do not, its probably not serving its intended purpose anyways, so I'm all for just leaving it alone.

Those Carol Lynn Pearson books are really good. I lover her.

Robert said...

Hey man, it's a Honda Magna 750. I ride a ton...35,000 in almost 3 years. I was just over to Elko, NV an got a ticket coming across the excess of 100...ouch. I was catching up to my group and he caught me at the exact wrong time.

I'm sorry for your pain...I've gone through those times. They hurt...but for me, after I hit rock bottom, I was always pointed back. It's like some sort of survival mode that you just go stop hurting and feeling so shredded inside. You in Provo or SLC now?

Pancakes said...

I think if you are going to be done with the LDS church, make sure that is really what you want. I obviously don't know you, but I've seen too many gay Mormons leave because of the people, and I don't think that is a good reason to leave, cause there are some of us that are good in the church lol

But, Carolyn Pearsonn is one of thee most amazing women on this planet. The things that she has done and the way she is able to convey love through No More Goodbyes is absolutely amazing.

If you're going to leave the LDS religion, you should try Carolyn's and that is all about love.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

No more goodbyes is a great book. I really felt connected to the stories. I want to share the book with my family and friends, but I am a little nervous. I may send it to my best friend who I just came out to. let me know what you thought of the book...

Potentate said...

HAHAHAHA! My bishop recommended that guy to me too. I guess he's the professional for this "issue." He did some kind of circuit with the bishops, I guess.

I haven't met with him and don't plan to meet with him, so no insider opinions for you, but I do recommend having a counselor, if not him. It helps with life in general. I don't even focus on homosexuality with mine.