Friday, November 21, 2008

gay eharmony?

so this could be good news for some people... I really don't know why eharmony was "forced" into this, other then the initial costs of setting it up they will make "bank" after... but whatever... just don't go onto ksl and read the comments cause like usual they've made a big deal out of it... again whatever...

Online dating site eHarmony will now provide same-sex matches as part of a settlement of a lawsuit filed by a gay man in New Jersey.
Under the terms of the settlement, the matchmaking Web site will launch a new service called "Compatible Partners" next year.
The settlement does not set any legal precedent, but legal experts in Utah say matchmaking sites here could still suffer as a result.
"eHarmony is one of the largest and most established entities in the industry. Now, unfortunately, others will be forced, practically, to fall into line," said legal expert Chris Dexter.
We contacted several of the Utah-based dating Web sites today, but no one wanted to comment.


Scott said...

eHarmony is owned by a conservative Christian and refused to offer matching for same-sex couples on religious grounds.

As a privately-owned company it's likely that they could have won the court case, if not in the first round then on appeal, but apparently they decided that the costs of the trial were too high and agreed to settle out of court (which, as the article states, should not be construed as any sort of legal precedent).

The gay matchmaking service will be completely separate from their main site, and will include disclaimers indicating that the formulas and algorithms that they use to determine compatibility were designed for straight couples and may not provide the same results for gays.

Z i n j said...

C..I love your Teddy quote. Great Stuff. That motivates me to move forward. I admire your involvement in "pay it Forward". If there was ever a time for Americans to reassess their is now. There is a great need for giving back and living more cooperatively and most of all understanding that our diversity is what can wider our horizons. Maybe I shouldn't ask but have you found any resolution with your religion? Some of us struggle mightily to find something beyond blind obedience. Have a nice Thanksgiving!