Tuesday, November 18, 2008


so this is going on right now... I don't think it matters if you donate but the idea behind it is what matters... so if you have some time check it out, I don't think it works without internet explorer? I tried safari and firefox and then went to the library and logged onto a windows based computer... so yeah this is the site (it goes till midnight central time...)


if you miss it, the blog is at http://www.payitforwardtoday.org/ just read the stories and pay it forward...

I said that I would post my expirence with PIF so here it is...
Last year I volunteered to do service for the salt lake county aging services by driving elderly in county cars to doctors apointments. One day the supervisor handed me a PIF bracelet and I thought that's cool (I've seen the movie so I knew what it was) I've worn it off and on. I tried visiting the .net site when it wasn't working. I hadn't thought about for awhile now till last week when I heard your interview on one of the country stations I was flipping through and for some reason stopped and listened. I had no idea that you were from here and that you do this all on your own! That's amazing... I obviosly started wearing it again and would love to pick up a hand full to give out... I don't mind stopping by so you don't have to pay for shipping or ill give my address at the end... I am a UofU student that will hopfully grad. in may with an environmental studies degree, I think PIF and the enviroment go hand in hand, if people are good to each other then they will treat the environment better and if the environment is healthier people will be happier... anyway what's going on nov.18 and will there be any local gathering? Anyway thanks for everything I now regularly read the PIF today blogs, it gives me hope...

I have since had different opertunities to give out the braclets and even though they're not anything big, I'm sure it atleast has helped somebody's day a little easier... (and hopfully it will continue from there...)

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