Sunday, May 3, 2009


right on, where should I start? The fact that the most miserable semester of my life is almost over, 5 days and only one final, (though I will have to finish a large portion of all semesters homework for 2 classes). Or the fact that I should have graduated this semester but since I am a lazy slacker that didn't happen.
So where do you find happiness? I thought I have grown a lot these past few months but I still have an intense hatred for myself. This blog summed things up but I almost don't apply... I have tried being honest with myself and it helps but I still don't get it. I will be out to most of my immediate family by the end of the month. I want to go to AK free and clear and hope that I find some kind of permanent peace... I have always believed that I could move on with my own life once I graduated from college so I guess I will still wait and see if that ends up happening.
as for other news... I still don't want to jump the gun or curse myself but things seem to be working out for my relationship status...

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pinetree said...

If you come up to Skagway anytime soon, I'm sure you can find a job if you want one. Lots of places are hiring in anticipation of the tourist rush soon to come.