Wednesday, May 6, 2009

it is DONE!

right well this won't be too much detail but I DID IT !!! I was planning and planning on telling my sister in law and finally I said I WILL do it this weds(today) and I did... SO she is the one I was way most stressed about. It was weird but it went well (enough) we did the chit chat for quite awhile and I was trying to figure out what to say... finally I started that awakward stubling of words trying to say something and I think she got the picture... she sat down and I think basically I said "what would you think if I told you I was gay..." after that it was said and so I was thinking to myself I DID IT !!! she asked the generic questions how do you know... which I stumbled over and said I'm attracked to guys and I'm not attracked to women... then blah blah blah and she basically took the stand that I have to stay faithful to the gospel... (I don't think we talked if that consisted of being active) but for now that is fine, I don't know what the future holds I am pretty sure though until she understands more and "warms" up to the idea I will leave it at that... We did talk that getting married to a girl isn't an option (and I didn't mention the alternative cause for right now I know her feelings on that...) she said she was glad I told her, and yeah I did it...!
more to follow... I guess I am a little nervous of her finding my blog so I wonder if anyone has advice for that, other then closing it out for invited readers only...??? can you just put a password on it that I could give everyone I don't know I think some of the stuff I have said would push her over the edge...?


Austin said...

OH MAN! I'm so happy for, and so proud of you!

"she asked the generic questions how do you know... "

I love this! Why do people ask? I mean do they know what "gay" is? It's pretty easy to KNOW if you are or are not. lol Yet every hetero tends to still ask.

playasinmar said...

So you're out but you want to stay hidden?