Thursday, March 18, 2010

always on my mind...

things that are ALWAYS on my mind...
all I do is think in my current work position so I don't know if it's a good thing or not but this is what occupies my time... (kinda in descending order...)

a boy (enough said...)
relationships (I know what it is now and I want one, will I ever find one that is real)
society and the environment (it's my major after all...)
conservation (why doesn't society get it?)
my futre career (I wish I knew what it was)
recycling (another focus that could make up my career)
alaska (my summer plans)
money (do I have enough to live esp. if I goto AK)
school (will I ever finish/how much do I even care anymore)
god and family (though I believe the urgency is fading)
health (it isn't last it's more like first but I do block it out so yeah)

I figured I'd throw this up... so I can think about it even more... I need to make sense of it all... if thats possible...

anyway thank you all for comments I'm a little surprised at the variety of my readership... if those that are new still read, thank you very much for your perspective...

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